Anaheim Lawyer SEO Attorneys New Clients For Your Specialty in Your Law Practice

Anaheim Lawyer SEO Attorneys New Clients For Your Specialty in Your Law Practice

You practice law in Anaheim? Great! At every turn there seems to be another shingle for a practicing attorney or firm. How many lawyers are there in Anaheim? Well, an exact count may be impossible to gauge but the Bureau of Labor Statistics cites 6,200 practicing attorneys in a tri-city area of Irvine, Santa Ana and Anaheim. Let’s give Anaheim roughly a third and call it 2,000. A stipulation that is probably close enough to avoid the pipe dream that somehow hanging a shingle on a building or on a website is going to get you noticed.

Lawyers, in case you haven’t noticed, (I know you have) those peers of yours who are raking in the dough are doing it with a marketing machine- not just a sign on the door or a website on the Internet.

lawyer SEO marketing

What they didn’t bother to teach you at the school.

I don’t get my business by being invisible online and neither will you. My specialty is doing what I am skilled at so you can have much more opportunity to do what you’re skilled at as well.

You’re reading this right now because I did my job well. I can help you get just as visible right here in Anaheim and your market area.

Hold on now, before you leave. Fill in the form to the right and get my assessment of your situation and no obligation to find out how you can make your practice and your specialty highly visible to your market for enough new leads that you can have something you may not enjoy right now- a choice of who you decide to offer your service and who you don’t. 

I can tell you from experience, that’s a far better position to be in both for your peace of mind and for your business and its profitability so get in touch with me to get that situation resolved and get your law practice working for you instead of you being overworked by your practice.

Call now 714-924-4422. I’m ready to help you succeed.

PS. If they taught you how to succeed effectively in your law practice in law school, these kind of seminars wouldn’t have to fill in the gap would they?